Cheers! Bin 110 growing with much more than wine

Bin 110 serves close to 400 whiskeys and has one of the “top bourbon selection in North Carolina,” according to owner Andy Upchurch

May 5. By TL Bernthal. Since Bin 110 owner Andy Upchurch opened his upscale nightspot on West Catawba Avenue 5 and a half years ago, “the growth of the business has been incredible.”

And likely to keep growing as Upchurch is taking over the space next door left vacant when On the Roxx moved down the road to Lake Shore Marketplace.

Bin 110 will pick up about 1,000 square feet, putting the new total square footage at just over 2,500, Upchurch says, with most of the additional space going to “people space.” The space for patrons will increase from about 700 square feet to 1,700 square feet.

“We want to be a place where a large group could come and be happy,” Upchurch says. “We’re going to have a high-end choice.”

Bin 110 is perfect for a group of friends going out, when a brewery with limited wine choices and no spirits doesn’t satisfy all tastes. Bin 110 boasts 375-plus whiskies, 100-plus wines, 25 tequilas, 12 craft beer taps and a full cocktail list.

One hurdle that Upchurch has had to jump through is that Bin 110 is sometimes still thought of as “that wine bar.”

The Wine Cellar was in the space for almost five years before going out of business in 2015, and then another owner operated in the space for a brief period there.

“It’s hard to get past old thoughts,” Upchurch says.

More than wine

“When I bought the bar, it served three to five whiskeys; we have close to 400,” Upchurch says. “Now, we have one of the top bourbon selections in North Carolina.”

Not sure what to pick? Well, ask the bartender to design a whiskey flight.

Bin 110 owner Andy Upchurch and his wife, Tallie, live in Robbins Park in Cornelius

But, if you want wine, you can get it.

Upchurch, who lives in Robbins Park, expanded the wine list from 12 to 100 wines. “It’s the only place that does all the wine list by the glass.”

There are plenty of wines that sell for $8 to $14 a glass, but you can try something extra special – and more expensive – by the glass as well.

If you want to try a pricey Chardonnay, but don’t want to buy the bottle of Kistler, 2020 that sells for $125, you can get a glass for $35. Want to splurge? Continuum Estate (Pritchard Hill, Napa Valley, CA) sells for $110 a glass or $400 a bottle.

Tecchnology by the glass

Bin 110 can do that, Upchurch says, because of a wine preservation system that uses smart technology to extract the wine in the bottle while also keeping the oxygen from hitting it.

“Oxygen ruins wine,” he says. The Coravin Wine Preservation System is designed to extract wine without removing the cork, injecting argon gas, so wine always tastes like it has just been opened—even years later.

What you’ll see soon

The renovation includes a bigger and much more efficient kitchen, an increase in the number of tables to about 20, the bar, two restrooms and a kitchen/storage area, he says. Granite also is being installed.

And there will be more food options; current choices include pizza, a dip trio, cheese board, Chex mix, peanuts or almonds. With the new kitchen, Bin 110 will not be a full restaurant, Upchurch says, but will be able to offer heavier appetizers and tapas.

“And we can have a chef come in and do wine or bourbon pairings,” he says.

The cost to upgrade will be in the $200,000 to $300,000 range, Upchurch says.

All town permits have been obtained and architectural plans submitted for Mecklenburg County approvals. Then contractors can be lined up; when the work can be done is harder to predict because of worker and supply availability, Upchurch says.

He’s guessing construction work could take 45-60 days, but meanwhile Bin 110 remains open from 4 pm to closing Tuesdays through Saturdays with live music starting at 9 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Upchurch books regional favorites like the HC Oakes Trio, Cassidy Daniels, Kevin & Sean, LJTT and others.

Bin 110 may change hours down the road, opening earlier with a lunch menu during the week and a Sunday brunch, Upchurch says.

He currently has four staff who work with him and will need to hire at least three or four more people.

Although hard to be precise on when renovations will take place, “It looks like we will be shooting for the end of May,” Upchurch says, anticipating Bin 110 will return with a soft opening featuring nice music acts to highlight the new sound and lighting system.

Want to go? 

Bin 110

19712 One Norman Blvd Suite 110, Cornelius


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