Central Piedmont library included in American Libraries’ Design Showcase

Library at Central Piedmont

Sept. 6. The Hagemeyer Library at Central Piedmont Community College  has been included in American Libraries’ 2023 Design Showcase which highlights the most impressive new and renovated libraries in the United States.

The 66,321 square-foot Hagemeyer Library is part of the one-year-old Parr Center, the 183,000 square foot hub of student life on the Central Campus.

It was designed by Morris Berg and Moody Nolan Architects, with construction management services provided by Rodgers and R.J. Leeper Construction. 


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  1. I was thrilled to read the news about the Hagemeyer Library at Central Piedmont Community College being included in American Libraries’ 2023 Design Showcase. It’s not just a testament to the impressive design of the library but also a heartwarming tribute to a truly inspirational individual.
    As a former student body president, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Hagemeyer, and I can attest that his presence was always filled with warmth and inspiration. He had a remarkable ability to motivate and uplift those around him. I have fond memories of those meetings and the valuable insights he shared.
    It’s only fitting that a man who embraced innovation and encouraged students to reach their full potential would have a library bearing his name that is brimming with innovation and inspiration. The Hagemeyer Library undoubtedly stands as a testament to his legacy and the enduring impact he had on the Central Piedmont Community College community.
    I applaud the college for honoring Dr. Hagemeyer in this way, and I am confident that the library will continue to inspire and empower countless students for years to come. It’s a beautiful reminder that a person’s influence can live on through the institutions and spaces they help create.
    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming news, and my sincere congratulations to Central Piedmont Community College for this well-deserved recognition.


    Posted by Joe a vagnone | September 6, 2023, 12:33 pm

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