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It’s Campbell vs. Bradford in NC District 98 election



Jane Campbell, 51, a retired career Navy officer, is taking on incumbent NC Rep. John Bradford in the District 98 race this fall. Bradford is a Republican and Campbell is officially an independent, although she will have the backing of Democratic party members.

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Bradford is a successful entrepreneur, who founded Park Avenue Properties in Cornelius. Campbell completed a tour on an aircraft carrier, an assignment in Pearl Harbor, a tour on the staff of the National Security Council, a tour in Kabul, and two tours in the Pentagon before retiring to Davidson.

Both say they have excellent business credentials. Both have concerns about the NCDOT/Cintra contract, which may or may not be cancelled. A bill Bradford co-sponsored failed in the NC Senate in July.

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Campbell said this about the 50-year contract: “Can you imagine living with a contract that had been put in place when I was a 2-year-old? The US and North Carolina were a very different place in 1967, and I doubt we could have predicted things that are happening in 2016. Why should we think that we can make 50-year decisions that will still be in effect in 2066?



And Bradford said this: “I believe the rules need to be changed around contract delegation authority as well as the way a local MPO (transportation planning organization) vote is calculated. For contract authority delegation I believe any state contract greater than $250 million should be signed, not just reviewed, by the Attorney General and then signed by the Governor.”

But they seem to be on opposite sides when it comes to HB2. Indeed, Campbell says the controversial law mobilized her to run for the Assembly.

Campbell said none of the other pieces of HB2 had anything to do with the Charlotte bathroom ordinance. “Minimum wages didn’t have anything to do with the Charlotte ordinance. Workers’ rights to sue in state courts didn’t have anything to do with the Charlotte ordinance. The legislature stripped rights from every city, town and municipality in North Carolina,” she said.

The business fallout from HB2 has made national news.

Said Bradford: “I remain very open to compromise with a priority of ensuring the safety of women and girls in public accommodations.”

Early voting begins Oct. 27. Election Day is Nov. 8.


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