Cabarrus Jobs Now candidate forum Jan. 25

Cabarrus Jobs Now, a business political action group, will hold a candidate forum on Monday, Jan. 25, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Concord. The forum, which starts at 1 pm, will be taped and made available for the public to view. There are contested primary races for District 36, District 82, District 83 and Register of Deeds. The Hilton Garden is at 7831 Gateway Lane NW, Concord. RSVP to [email protected].


One Response to “Cabarrus Jobs Now candidate forum Jan. 25”

  1. A word to the good people of Cabarrus county. Don’t let the usual suspects in the community fool you with their Kool-Aid.

    Rep. Larry Pittman has served Cabarrus county honorably in the North Carolina House. He needs to go back and finish the good work that he has started.

    The usual suspects in a community use terms like “business candidate”, “supported by business leaders”, “effective”, and “effective at getting things done” to trick and fool the public to unseat good representatives that are fighting for you.

    Ask the people of North Mecklenburg county at Lake Norman what happened to them when they fell for the same Big Lies that are being huckerstered in Cabarrus county in the name of electing a “Business Candidate”. They got a 50 year contract for toll roads by a bankrupt Spanish company that will effect all North Carolinians including Cabarrus county eventually.

    Rep. Larry Pittman has served Cabarrus county honorably and fought for your liberties and freedoms and he needs to finish the work that he started in Raleigh. Don’t let these so called business leaders sell you the Big Lie like they did to the poor folks in North Mecklenburg.

    Don’t fall for it. You can bet the people of North Mecklenburg county wished they hadn’t fallen for it, all they got out of the deal was a 50 year toll road contract through their community.

    Former Rep. John Rhodes

    Posted by John Rhodes | January 21, 2016, 9:04 pm

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