Bills, bills, bills: How we stack up for monthly expenses

Dec. 28. If you’re planning your 2024 budget, you might want to compare your expenses to Cornelius averages, as provided by doxo, a third party bill pay service that enables consumers to pay and manage their bills in one location.

According to Seattle-based doxo, the average household in Cornelius pays $2,249 per month, or $26,983 a year on bills, including mortgage, auto loans, utilities, phone and life insurance.

The average North Carolina household pays 15 percent less—$1,913 a month—making Cornelius the 20th most expensive city in North Carolina, according to doxo,
doxo, No. 3,352 on the Inc. list of 5000 fastest-growing US companies.

Of note: Household bills account for 30 percent of annual household income of $74,952 in Cornelius.

Nationally speaking…

From a national perspective, household expenses in Cornelius are 9.9 percent more than the US average. On the other hand, average North Carolina household expenses, are 6.5 percent lower than the national average of $2,046.


—North Carolina ranks 31st in household expenses out of 50 states

—North Carolinians pay 39 percent of their household income for bills

—Compared to the national average, that’s 6.5 percent lower

Various utilities and government agencies say extra care is needed around doxo, in that fees they may charge could result in late payment charges 


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  1. With the greed of continual property tax rates, this amount will only go up and, soon Cornelius will be one of the to 10 most expensive places to live.

    Most people moved here to have a lower cost of living.

    Local town officials and Mecklenberg county are striving to make sure we have a high cost of living.

    Posted by DED | December 28, 2023, 2:06 pm

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