Attorney General wins $23 million in relief in case against debt firm

Gordon Engle operated Turtle Creek Assets

Nov. 29. By Dave Yochum. NC Attorney General Josh Stein has won a consent judgment against Cornelius entrepreneur Gordon Engle and Turtle Creek Assets, a debt collection company that Engle ran.

The judgment will result in $23 million in consumer debt forgiveness for more than 20,000 people and full refunds of $223,000 to more than 650 people. Engle must also pay $6,000 in civil penalties for violations of the business registration acts and $1,475 in unpaid business registration fees—all for not having the correct insurance permit in North Carolina. To view the attorney general’s press release, click here.

Engle pled guilty to five felony charges and received a five- to 15-month suspended sentence with two years of supervised probation.

The raid

Engle’s mansion on Green Dolphin Lane was raided by a variety of officers in 2020 after the NC Department of Insurance filed a criminal complaint, charging him with operating as a debt collector in North Carolina without obtaining the required state license.

Engle recently completed a video with his side of the story, as well as clips of the raid pulled from his security camera.

“You don’t need a SWAT team in your house for this,” he said in the video.

Comparison to Mar-a-Lago?

Engle was motivated to speak out after the raid on President Trump’s home in Florida, Mar-A-Lago.

To view the video, click here.

A still from the raid of Engle’s home


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