Atrium lands national honors from Physicians Assistant group

Emily Bludov, a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), looks up from an anesthesia machine in an operating room at Atrium Health’s Carolina’s Medical Center.

Aug. 20. Atrium Health has received the 2020-2021 Employer of Excellence from the American Academy of Physician Assistants Center for Healthcare Leadership (CHLM). The award program is designed to showcase organizations that have implemented practices that create positive work environments for physician assistants and encourage collaborative healthcare provider teams.

“Atrium Health is one of the first in the nation to create a comprehensive, strategic approach for optimizing the role of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs),” said Dr. Scott Rissmiller, executive vice president and chief physician executive for Atrium Health.

Atrium launched The Center for Advanced Practice in 2013 to support, educate and develop APPs. “In doing so, we had a vision of becoming the workplace of choice for APPs who are committed to delivering superior patient care,” Rissmiller said.

“To be recognized as an Employer of Excellence at this early stage of building our program is a testament to the people leading it and the hard work of our teammates who have made it a success,” he added.

The Employer of Excellence Awards are based on five key drivers:
• Establishing a positive and supportive PA work environment.
• Providing opportunities for PAs to provide meaningful input that leads to positive organizational change.
• Keeping PAs informed about organizational activity and decisions.
• Involving PAs in leadership efforts to improve the quality of patient care.
• Creating processes for effective conflict management.

The PA profession is one of the fastest growing in the United States. Lisa Gables, interim CEO of AAPA, said in the midst of the pandemic, the country needs all healthcare providers working together to meet the demand for high-quality care.

“The Employer of Excellence winners serve as outstanding examples of how organizations can establish modern, efficient workplaces that ensure patients the care they need,” she said.


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