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Atkins will seek another term as mayor in Mooresville

Feb. 1. Miles Atkins has announced that he will seek re-election as Mayor of Mooresville in 2023. Miles was first elected as a Commissioner At-Large in 2007, and then as mayor in 2011. He said he understands the complexities of municipal governance and can leverage his experience to be a strong voice in Raleigh and DC for securing funding for roads and infrastructure.

Atkins at Police Dept. ribbon-cutting

Mooresville has not had an increase in property taxes or utility rates since 2008, despite expanded amenities.

He said he supports a time-out on proposed multi-family development “that is just throwing more congestion into the mix while we update our Comprehensive Land Use Plan and evaluate any needed modifications to the Unified Development Ordinance.”

Atkins is director of corporate affairs and government relations for Iredell Health System.

Filing for the election begins July 7. The election is Nov. 7.


3 Responses to “Atkins will seek another term as mayor in Mooresville”

  1. A mayor since 2011? The “Time-out” is long overdue, Mr Mayor!
    I assume you live NO WHERE close to 150!!

    Posted by Sheri Flower | March 19, 2023, 11:42 am
  2. Please don’t seek re-election.
    You have disappointed and failed the
    citizens of the area by not better
    regulating growth and improving roads.
    You may not care about time and travel
    headaches with all this rapid growth
    but come vote time citizens will
    remember those in positions like you
    who can make a difference.

    Posted by dr sandy maiers | March 19, 2023, 1:54 pm

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