If your abode truly is a castle, it takes time to sell

The Clampett’s had a nice crib. It’s on the market in LA for $350 million

Patience is a virtue when it comes to multimillion-dollar properties. The average DOM for $2 million-plus ​properties in Cornelius is 147, down 11 percent from same time last year. ​Nevertheless, Cornelius has a 9-month supply of inventory priced at more than $2 million, but that’s down 53 percent from this time last year.

Spoken in a Thurston Howell voice: “$2 million isn’t really that much, is it Lovey?” The Beverly Hillbillies mansion in Bel-Air, Ca. is on the market for $350 million. (You could actually retire comfortably on that.) There’s another house, a “world-class estate” in East Hampton on the market for $140 million.

For ​$2 million-plus ​properties in Mooresville, average DOM is 206, down 12​ percent​ from same time last year. Mooresville has a 26-month supply of ​$2 million-plus ​inventory​, however. Stephanie Gossett, Allen Tate regional vice president​, provided the local data.


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