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Chief Barbee: Leading a 24-hour operation

RSVP for Newsmakers Breakfast with Cornelius Fire Chief

June 13. The Newsmakers Breakfast June 14 at The Peninsula Club will center on the man leading the transition from a volunteer fire department to a full-time paid operation. Cornelius Fire Chief Guerry Barbee was 15 when he joined the fire department as a junior fireman in 1994; now he’s leading a complex, multi-year transition. […]

pexels-photo-6518841 holiday party

Embrace diversity: Why holiday celebrations instead of Christmas parties

Dec. 7. By Dan Houston. [Opinion] I’ve been asked why organizations should shift from “Christmas Party” to “Holiday Party.” In today’s diverse and multicultural society, fostering an inclusive workplace is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a strategic imperative for organizations. While some may question the need to move away from the traditional “Christmas Party,” the […]