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Business advice: Should you draw a boundary or build a barrier?

Feb. 9. When we interact with others often we are talking about ideas, problems to solve, decisions to be made, performance evaluations, or the assessment of outcomes. At these times it’s not only what we say but also how we say it that determines if the other person feels we have set a boundary or […]

Slip and fall accidents can trip you up at home or at work

Working from home long-term means working on your work space

Nov. 21. By Cheryl Kane. At-the-office work locations have many safety features as a result of legal requirements and collective sources of oversight; a Work from Home (WFH) situation may be quite different. It is worth the time to evaluate WFH workspaces to make sure we are safe whenever we WFH. Trips & Falls Prevent […]

Work From Home: What is the new paradigm?

A changed workplace: Deal with it

Nov. 15.  By Cheryl Kane. There are innumerable complexities occurring in our work culture arising from such a simple concept as work from home (WFH). The 2020 COVID pandemic sent the nation’s workers home with or without office equipment, supplies, and written agreements on how to conduct work in spaces quite unprepared for full time […]

Stressed out?

Three ways to reduce workplace stress

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane. Here are three steps to help us be more effective in our communication with others. Effective communicators can reduce stress for everyone, and in turn build stronger relationships with those we work with and help our teams be more effective. Be good at using people’s names. I’ve noticed people […]


Want to set yourself apart? Be in control.

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane May 17. Want a promotion? Hope to be on the best team projects? Do you seek exciting opportunities? Then make sure you are perceived as promotable, dependable and stimulating to work with. Our hybrid world of working floating hours, attending meetings online, and working from home may offer cool […]

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Up your value: On-the-job advice if you’re working from home

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane April 12. People are talking about how hybrid work environments may reduce one’s visibility and reduce the chance for recognition and upward mobility in an organization. Makes sense to me! We haven’t been using the hybrid work model full throttle for very long, so it’s hard to say what […]

SCORE scores big in Charlotte region

April 12. SCORE Charlotte provided 1,515 mentoring sessions last year compared to 1,078 mentoring sessions in 2020. It’s one indication of small business strength in the local economy. Pricewaterhouse Coopers said SCORE’s 85 local mentors helped launch 451 new businesses, with a total of 650 new jobs. SCORE Charlotte’s 85 volunteers are successful real-world retired or […]


Office communications: Get a new groove

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane March 15. New hires aren’t the only ones who don’t know a lot about their organizational teams today. As doors open to welcome people back to work in person, much has changed after 20+ months of working remotely.  We need fresh ways to get our groove back. Why? • […]


Heads Up! It’s burn-out time

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane Feb. Reading headlines about the mass resignations from the workplace in 2021, I was reminded of the scene in “Network” where angry people went to their windows and in unison yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  I anticipate we’ll continue to see […]

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Is it time for re-orientation?

BUSINESS ADVICE | By Cheryl Kane Sept. 15. As offices begin to come back to life, it’s not just COVID-19 that should be top of mind. Team members may need a workplace reorientation. Safety Working remotely, workers were removed from the safe behaviors they trained and practiced on the job. In the pre-COVID workplace where […]