Rowan-Cabarrus Community College releases strategic plan

RCCC LogoJan. 26. With the assistance of key stakeholders, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College composed a new strategic plan for 2015-2018. Through the plan the Board of Trustees hoped to accomplish the following goals. They hope to prepare students for career opportunities that stimulate sustainable economic and workforce development; foster a culture of learning that inspires academic excellence and promotes student success; provide excellent service to current and prospective students, colleagues, businesses, industries and the community; acquire, develop and manage human, fiscal and physical resources essential to development and delivery of technology-enriched education and service; and serve as a catalyst for advancing the region.

To establish said goals, the college lead strategic conversations with community leaders. They also hosted meetings with students, faculty and the staff to identify key players’ top goals. The college has established a set of objectives that address how each goal can specifically be achieved. For more information, visit the Rowan-Cabarrus website —