Flynn Burner coming to Mooresville with 45 jobs

flynn-logo-100Dec. 4  Flynn Burner Corp., a combustion equipment company in New Rochelle, N.Y., plans to move to Mooresville in March, bringing 45 jobs. Based on an increased tax value of $3 million, “Project Burn” will receive  $13,920 a year from Mooresville, as well as $11,640 a year for five years from Iredell County. The Charlotte Regional Partnership, Mooresville-South Iredell Economic Development Corporation and MI Connection worked on the deal.

“This type of commitment from a community is what we desired, we are moving here because of the quality of life, the quality of the workforce, the ability to double our facility at a reasonable cost, and the ability to grow Flynn Burner into a larger stronger company,” said Dom Medina, president of Flynn Burner.