Land recording online in Cabarrus; demonstrations Wednesday

image001Feb. 10. A new service called Simplifile will bring e-recording capabilities to the Cabarrus County Register of Deeds, which logs and records some 30,000 land documents annually. Cabarrus began processing land records electronically late last year, along with other vital records, such as birth, death and marriage certificates which were already electronic.

Cabarrus County Register of Deeds Wayne Nixon said adding e-recording capability helps meet the service needs of a digital society, including easy accessibility and faster service through improved processes.

In essense, e-recording is the process of submitting and recording land record documents electronically. Document submitters scan and upload documents to their computers, and send them safely and securely to Cabarrus County using the Simplefile system. The Register of Deeds Office records the documents and sends them back to the submitter in a matter of minutes. Nixon will officially unveil the system on Wednesday. Representatives from Simplifile will demonstrate how the system works from 1 pm to 3 pm. Representatives from the Register of Deeds office will show how the County integrates e-records and discuss policies and procedures for e-recording.

E-records offer several benefits to users. Physical documents never leave the office of the preparer, which reduces security threats and e-records are quicker, which means funds sooner release of funds to the seller or borrower.