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New Corporations – November 2017

These businesses have registered with the N.C. Secretary of State. Cabarrus County 10/23/17 Kenna LLC, Kenneth A. Diblasi, 350 George W. Liles Pkwy. NW, Concord 10/23/17 La Bonne Vie LLC, Linda La, 9916 Violet Cannon Dr. NW, Concord 10/23/17 Mike’s Deli and Bagels Inc., Michael Mishkin, 5303 Poplar Tent Rd., Ste. 110, Concord 10/23/17 Optima […]

New Corporations – October 2017

These businesses have registered with the N.C. Secretary of State. Cabarrus 9/25/17 Focused Development LLC, Arthur G. Poston Jr., 446 Clearwater Dr. NW, Concord 9/25/17 Soulskript LLC, Brian T. Oborne, 1286 Gambel Dr. NW, Concord 9/25/17 YM Ventures LLC, Ramesh Mucharla, 9618 Harvest Pond Dr. NW, Concord 9/25/17 YungTribe LLC, Ryland Beard, 8230 Poplar Tent […]

New Corporations – September 2017

These businesses have registered with the N.C. Secretary of State. Cabarrus 8/21/17 Ben and Bella Management LLC, Christopher Caggiano, 56 Quiet Cove, Concord 8/21/17 YourTrulmage PLLC, David U. Lupsitz, 5160 Poplar Tent Rd., Concord 8/22/17 Cool Negus LLC, Brannen & Walker Law Firm PLLC, 141 Union St. S, Concord 8/22/17 Forward Cabarrus Inc., Frank A. […]

New Corporations – August 2017

These businesses have registered with the N.C. Secretary of State. Cabarrus 7/26/17 CS & R Transport LLC, Shana Nicole Ross, 426 Ithaca Dr., Concord 7/26/17 McAteer Consulting LLC, Shannon McAteer, 2651 Bedford Pl. NW, Concord 7/26/17 Raging Bull Charlotte LLC, John Edward Littlefield, 175 Davidson Hwy., Concord 7/27/17 Bird Nest Properties LLC, Gloria R. Hawks, […]

New Corporations – February 2016

Cabarrus 12/22/15 AAS Motorsports LLC, Zachary M. Moretz, 37 S. Union St., Ste. B, Concord 12/22/15 Cabarrus-Rowan Insurance Agency Inc., Stephen C. Hodge, 1513 Dale Earnhardt Blvd., Kannapolis 12/22/15 Endless Blessings Outreach Inc., Joseph Jackson, 207 Gurley Ave., Kannapolis 12/22/15 Family Over Money LLC, Robert Lee Mobley III, 583 Love St., Concord 12/28/15 Deanna Ford […]

New Corporations – January 2016

Cabarrus 11/24/15 Caffeinated Squirrel LLC, Lauren McClure, 808 Circle St., Kannapolis 11/24/15 Haigler Solutions Inc., Blake Haigler, 7266 Unity Church Rd., Kannapolis 11/24/15 Onpoint Services LC, Shawn Sherman, 596 Englewood St. NE, Concord 11/24/15 Shinn Buildings LLC, Albert Shinn, 3313 Mt. Pleasant Rd. N, Concord 11/24/15 Superb Properties LLC, Linda Biggers, 6761 Manatee Dr., Concord […]

New Corporations – December 2015

Cabarrus 10/26/15 Woodmen Solution Carpenter LLC, Erik Encarnacion-Suarez, 762 Chris Dr., Kannapolis 10/27/15 Christ Culture International Ministries Inc., Danielle M. Thomas, 546 Easy St., Concord 10/27/15 SubZero Mechanical LLC, Ronald Eury, 751 Arbor St. NE, Concord 10/28/15 Quartz Ridge LLC, Lonnie W. Seaford, 5685 Alexander Rd., Concord 10/28/15 Sons and Daughters Inc., Joy W. Crouse, […]

New Corporations: November 2015

Cabarrus 9/22/15 Aesthecon Inc., Farzaneh Keshmir-Sanchez, 1307 Townsgate Ct., Kannapolis 9/22/15 SetPlay LLC, Paul D. Merrill, 5036 Wheat Dr. SW, Concord 9/23/15 Advent Health Solutions PLLC, Jacques C. Jean Jr., 5226 Firebrick Ln. SW, Concord 9/23/15 Blueaglez LLC, Kazi Zahid Nasser, 9658 Heritage Farm Ave. NW, Concord 9/23/15 FDR Real Estate Group LLC, Michael W. […]

New Corporations: October 2015

Cabarrus 8/25/15 BC9 Properties LLC, Christopher G. Herrin, 5705 Woodridge Ct., Concord 8/25/15 Corporate Tek Incoporated, Paul Day, 1141 Alstead Ct. NW, Concord 8/25/15 IntelQuest LLC, Deepa Vuppala, 399 Sutro Forest Dr. NW, Concord 8/25/15 Lake Norman Paddleboard Company Inc., Mary Elizabeth Ballantine, 10659 Rippling Stream Dr. NW, Concord 8/25/15 Tow Doctor Auto Towing Service […]

New Corporations: July 2015

Cabarrus 5/26/15 Chun W. Peng DMD PLLC, Chun W. Peng, 125 Hydrangea Cir., Concord 5/26/15 Concord Counter Management LLC, Kevin S. Mihalko, 4598 Cochran Farms Rd. SW, Concord 5/26/15 DOSA LLC, Teresa Newton Ross, 2200 Kannapolis Hwy., Concord 5/26/15 L.H.B. Sales and Solutions Inc., Leonard H. Barlow Jr., 305 Odell Dr., Kannapolis 5/26/15 M.A.D. Contracting […]