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Lettter to the Editor

OPINION. Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation introduced California and the United States to his concept of managed lanes as a way to address congestion in urban centers like Los Angeles.   The links (after signature block)  to LA Times articles from 2013 and 2015 offer an update on how that is progressing.    If you read […]


Toll resolution on deck tonight at Davidson Town Hall

June 9. Tonight’s Davidson Town Board meeting may be another litmus test in the battle to defund the $650 million plan to widen I-77 between Lake Norman and Charlotte with the help of toll lanes and a company from Spain. Town Commissioner James Fuller is expected to propose a resolution that backs NC Sen. Jeff […]


Hastened NCDOT-Cintra deal an ‘incredible’ insult to voters, Gilroy says

May 21. Amidst the background of the Exit 28 Ridiculousness Facebook page whose profile picture is “Cintra Sucks Money Out Of The Local Economy,” more local business leaders are starting to speak out on their own, independent of any chamber of commerce. Indeed, a petition calling for an independent review of the now-signed 50-year deal […]

I-77 Bonds, Toll Lanes and Unwilling Customers

Below is an e-mail from Vince Winegardner: Please forward to business owner and others who need to take action – Everyone in Lake Norman! ACTION NEEDED BY YOU.  PLEASE REVIEW THIS INFORMATION AND CONTACT GOVERNOR McCRORY BY TUESDAY AND TELL HIM “NO TO TOLLS ON I77!” CONTACT INFO IS LISTED BELOW. Dear Northcross Master Association Business and […]


Bill would require referendum on future toll lanes

By Dave Vieser. In the wake of Gov. Pat McCrory suggesting that the state float bonds for transportation projects, State Sen. Jeff Tarte (R-District 14) has introduced legislation that would require approval from a majority of voters before any future project financed with tolls, user fees or any other direct charge to motorists could proceed. No […]


LKN Transportation Commission blasts NCDOT over I-77 mess

May 13. By Dave Vieser. While the members of the Lake Norman Regional Transportation Commission did not take any formal action regarding the I-77 toll lane controversy at their meeting tonight in Davidson, there was no lack of criticism for the state DOT on their handling of the project’s contract with Cintra(I77 Mobility Partners), the private […]


About 75 toll protesters gather at Exit 28 bridge

LIVE COVERAGE 5:45 PM May 1. By Michael Mezquida. Scores of protesters are gathered on the Catawba Bridge over I-77 to show there disdain for the proposed toll lanes that a Spanish company with be in charge of running. “People are moving here, so we have to plan ahead for that. Not react after they get here,” said Kathy […]

Protests planned for Exit 28 bridge. Commissioner expects ‘public outcry and revolt’

April 27. It looks like a group of anti-toll activists will converge near the Exit 28 bridgeFriday evening to protest plans for tolls as a way to widen I-77 between Lake Norman and Charlotte. It is apparently being organized by people not directly associated with Widen I-77, but leaders of the well-known anti-toll group will participate. […]