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New eatery in downtown Concord

June 15. A new restaurant featuring French pastries and cuisine is opening in downtown Concord this weekend. Chez Francois is opening on two levels of the historic 9 Union St. S. building. Downstairs, the storefront will feature a French creperie, said Francois Bouali, who co-owns the business with Pam Tolen. The downstairs specialty will be French breads and pastries, including crepes. The storefront portion of the restaurant seats 60 people. Upstairs, the building’s ballroom will accommodate up to 175 patrons for fine dining. The upper room will also be used to cater special events including parties and weddings.

The business is expected to draw diners from around the region, but Chef Bouali said he thinks Concord residents in particular will appreciate being able to experience fine French dining without having to leave town. “I think the people of Concord deserve an outlet that keeps them from traveling long distances in order to eat decent food and have a lovely time,” he said. The restaurant will feature music on weekends, and will offer specialty cocktails for a late-night crowd. A private event is set for Friday, June 16, to celebrate the soft opening of the restaurant.


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