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Makes sense: Social engagement online hits all-time high

May 8. Ad impressions served on Facebook were up 39 percent in Q1, with the average price per ad down 16 percent, according to Jeremy Anspach, CEO of PureCars, a digital marketing platform for the automotive industry. More interesting data:

—More than 700 million daily active participants making calls on Messenger and WhatsApp.

—More than 800 million people engage with live streams every day.

—U.S. viewers watching Facebook Live has grown by 50 percent month over month

—Instagram monthly active users: 178M (4M increase from Q4)

What do car shoppers search for when they search online? Variations on “best car deals” have gained significant interest on search in the past 90 days—not a surprise with all of the OEM incentives launched during the COVID-19 crisis.



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