District 98 challenger Jane Campbell lands EMILY’s List endorsement

Oct. 17. Jane Campbell, who is running as an independent for NC House District 98, has been endorsed by EMILY’s List, a nationwide advocacy group whose mission is to elect pro-choice Democratic women to public office.

Campbell hopes to unseat Republican John Bradford in District 98 which includes Cornelius, Davidson and parts of Huntersville and Highland Creek.

“Jane Campbell is a true leader and public servant. Jane served in the United States Navy for 26 years, she was deployed to the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm, and was subsequently one of the first women to serve aboard an aircraft carrier,” said Lucinda Guinn, vice president of campaigns for EMILY, which stands for early money is like yeast.

The organization has some 3 million members across the country. While Campbell will be on the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate, she has the full support of the North Carolina Democratic Party. She has said she was motivated to run for office by HB2.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, in coordination with Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, said Campbell is one of six candidates who have been upgraded to “Essential Races.” The joint endorsement underscores the emphasis the two parties are placing on legislative elections this year.

Republicans control 69 out of 99 state legislative bodies around the nation. Legislative control has brought about redistricting favorable to the majority party. The DLCC, like its GOP counterpart, the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, seeks to elect majorities in upper and lower chambers in every state capitol.

“This cycle’s down-ballot Democratic recruits are unprecedented in their diversity and quality, and both DLCC and Victory Fund recognize LGBT candidates are critical to helping legislatures better reflect the diversity of the American electorate,” said DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post. “Democrats are primed for major wins in state legislative chambers across the country…and the LGBT candidates running in our Essential Races are a crucial element of DLCC’s success.”

Victory Fund President Aisha C. Moodie-Mills said LGBT leaders make outstanding public officials “because they’re deeply aware of the impact legislation and public policy have on the lives of real people.”

Campbell said she was motivated to run for the NC House because of the passage of HB2.

Out of thousands of contests nationwide, there are only 52 Essential Races.

Campbell has not received any financial support from EMILY’s List. “They haven’t promised any financial contribution yet, but we are happy to see they are supporting strong women candidates at all levels,” campaign manager Annika Conrad said.

Campbell said HB2 highlighted her opponent’s ability to “legislate an issue and turn a bill into law in roughly 12 hours.”


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