Atrium’s ‘community benefit’ last year was nearly $3 billion

June 14. In its first year as part of Charlotte-based Advocate Health, Atrium Health provided a record amount of community benefits, totaling $2.97 billion during calendar year 2023. Advocate Health’s total community benefit across its six-state service territory totaled more than $6 billion—which amounts to more than $16 million per day reinvested into improving health in its communities.

Atrium is building a $255 million hospital in Cornelius.


Community benefit, as defined by the IRS, includes community investments into free and discounted care for low-income patients, under-compensated care for those on Medicare and Medicaid and costs related to medical research, among other programs and services that promote health, well-being and community building.



“I am inspired on a daily basis by our team’s dedication to providing nationally leading care, not just within our facilities, but well beyond our walls and into vulnerable communities in greatest need.”

—Eugene A. Woods, CEO

Advocate Health


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