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Aneralla inducted into NCGOP Hall of Fame

The newest member of the NCGOP Hall of Fame is Huntersville Mayor John Aneralla. Now in his third term, he started helping Republican candidates in


Mecklenburg County over 25 years ago. “I didn’t do it for the recognition rather to make the area I lived in a better place,” the investment advisor said. “Hopefully, through my efforts helping candidates as well as successfully running for Mayor, it’s benefited the lives of those living here.”

U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, who lives in Huntersville, attended. Additional awards went out to Lynda West, Duane Cutlip, Mary Boughton, Patricia Randall, Lee McMillan, Evonne Parker, Adrain Arnett, Eleanor McGinnis, Mark Schenck, Pat C. Smith, Betty Budd and Kelly Gallimore.

The J.E. Broyhill ​Award named ​for ​furniture magnate ​James Edgar Broyhill—​he served on the Republican National Committee from 1948 to 1965—​went to his grandson,​ J. Edgar “Ed” Broyhill​. He is also the son of James T. Broyhill,​ a​ former U.S. representative ​and ​U.S. senator.


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